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The decade of a College (10 years Journey)

The village Kamalpura which is situated in the middle of Jagraon and Raikot has been blessed by Dasam Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Guruji came to this area during the martyrdom of his two younger sons. Gurudwara Sahib Kamalpura has been commamorated to His arrival. According to historians, Guruji rested for 21 days at nearby village Lamma. Gurudwara Tahiliana Sahib is situated in Raikot. On this place, it came into notice of Guruji that His younger sons had sacrificed their lives. Here he uprooted the Moghul Empire by dragging out a plant of Kahi from the earth and He gave Rai Kalla a Khanda, Rahel and Ganga Sagar. 10 kilometres away from this riligious place, Gurudwara Mehtiana Sahib is situated where history of Sikhism has been depicted through a remarkable art of statue making. After that, Guru Gobind Singh Khalsa College for Women, Kamalpura was established in September 1996, for recognising the need of education for girls. The beginnning of this college was in school classrooms where people from the area contributed magnificently. College is always indebted to those social workers who include Headmaster Kuldip Singh, Master Vakil Singh Bassi, Principal Swaran Singh, Master Bahadur Singh Roonic, Pr. ManjIt Singh Khatra and Prof. Dilawar Singh Pannu. To begin with some noble cause, we need personalities of high thinking and full of optimism. It was the dream of Mr. Pritam Kaur Hansra to establish this college for the improvement of girls' education. S. Baljinder Singh Hansra/President, Governing Council) contributed whole-heartedly to make their mother's dream successful. Today this college is progressing by leaps and bounds because of Hansra family's contribution. Now our Guru Gobind Singh Educational Trust boasts of three institutions - Guru Gobind Singh Khalsa College for Women, Guru Gobind Singh Khalsa College of Education and Dasmesh Khalsa Girls Model Senior Secondary School.

The college got affiliation from Panjab University, Chandigarh since 2000-2001. At that time, there was B.A. I and B.C.A. I. Now after 10 years, courses running in the college are B.A., B.C.A., PGDCA, M.A. (History), M.A. (Pbi.), and M.Sc. (IT). College is trying its best to run more subjects in B.A. At present subjects taught in B.A. are Punjabi, English, Hindi, Mathematics, History, Sociology, Political Science, Physical Education, Music (Instrumental), Computer Science and Economics. In the coming session, there will be vocational courses for the professional training of students besides their academics. Besides subjects, a building that is increasing day by day, works as a proof for the progress of this college. For the all round development of this college, college is working with all efforts to involve more and more students in cultural activities. Students have remarkable achievements in both cultural activities and academics. Despite organising college level function and inter-college functions, college has organsed Youth Festival for two times in a decade.

After one year of its establishment, college organised a youth festival for the first time in November, 2002 that was both for girls and boys. Despite getting prizes in various items, one special achievement was that collge student was adjudged 'the best actress' of Panjab University. Same way, in October 2009, College hosted Panjab University Moga-Ferozepur Zone-B Youth Festival for the second time and it was successful. College achieved prizes in almost all items. So the progress of college comprises ever-increasing student number, excellent results and development of student's personality. The biggest achievement of this decade is the launching of college magazine 'Pritam-Prerna' in 2008-09. With this magazine, students have got a voice to their views and emotions. So this magazine is contributing vastly to polish the students' talent. During this decade, college has teams of Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, Badminton, Handball, Basketball, Athletics, Relay, Hockey, Yoga and Volleyball. In the session 2006-07, College Kho-Kho team got third position in Panjab University Chandigarh and Badminton team was adjudged fourth. Kho-kho players participated in Inter-University competition also. In the session 2009-10, a student got third position in High Jump during annual university athletic meet and one student got fourth position in Javelin Throw, and another student got fourth position in long jump. College is enhancing infrastructure for sports also. College Bus facility is also for students comfort. Now college boasts of 10 buses as compared to one bus at the time of beginning of the college. College has also bought a tourist bus for trip also. So College has achieved a lot in the first decade. May God shower His blessings upon its and this college will progress by

Morning Assembly

Morning assembly is held every Wednesday 10.00 to 10.20 AM

College Uniform

Only on Wednesday and on important college functions White Salwar Kameej, Blue Dupatta, White Sports Shoes (In Summer) White Salwar Kameej, Blue Dupatta, White Sports shoes, Navy Blue Cardigan/Coat (In Winter)


75 percent class attendance in all the paper/ praticals is compulsory as per university rules. Strict action will be taken by the principal against the irregular students and its intimation will be sent to their respective parents for information. The name of the students will be struck off from college rolls for remaining absent for more than seven days continuously.

House Test

As per university rules, the college will conduct two house tests in the month of Sep. and Dec. Appearance in all these tests and to obtain minimum 40 percent marks in each paper is compulsory to be eligible to appear in the final exam.

Seasonal Activities

Participation of all the students in all the activities / functions organized in the college is compulsory.

Rules of Fine

  1. Absence in one lecture Rs. 1.00

  2. Absence in two lectures or more Rs. 3.00

  3. Absence from the college Rs. 5.00

  4. Absence from the Tutorial Rs. 5.00

  5. Failure to observe Teaching Discussion Lesson Rs. 10.00

  6. Failure to observe Teaching Practice Per Day Rs. 10.00

  7. Failure to deliver the Discussion Rs. 25.00

  8. Absence in House Test Rs. 20.00(Per Paper)

  9. Absence from the Community Work Rs. 10.00

Leave Rules

Applications for leave are enterained only on the prescribed leave application from available from the college office. Leave up to three days will be granted by the tutor. Leave for more than three days will be granted by the principal on the recommendation of the tutor.

Student Welfare Fund

The poor and needy students are provided financial help out of student aid fund to meet their educational expenses.

General Rules

  1. Smoking, Drinking and taking of any type of intoxicants are forbidden in the college premises.

  2. Pupil - Teacher should wear simple, neat, clean and teacher like dress.

  3. It is moral duty of all the students to protect the college property.

  4. Attendance in all the college functions is compulsory.

  5. During the college timing, the students cannot leave their classes to attend the guests.

  6. No relative is allowed to meet the girls without the prior permission of the principal.

  7. In the college the students, boys and girls are not allowed to celebrate their birthday, marriage or any other party. Defaulters will be severely dealt with.

  8. The text-books prescribed for study must be procured immediately after admission.

  9. No student will be allowed to accept any employment during the courses of training.

  10. Regging is strictly banned in the college as well as in the hostel. Those who violate this rule shall be strictly dealt with.

  11. Bus Pass facility is available as per Punjab Govt. Rules


    The College has a specious library enriched with encyclopedia and referencebooks besides large number of books relating to each subjects, magazines,education journals, periodicals and newspapers. Each student will be issued a library/identity card. The books will be issued on this B. Each student will be issued a library/identity card. The books will be issued on this card. The card is non-transferable. C. If the library / identity card is lost, a new card will be issued on submitting Rs. 20 and copy of the F.I.R. in the Police Station. submitting Rs. 20 and copy of the F.I.R. in the Police Station. submitting Rs. 20 and copy of the F.I.R. in the Police Station. D. Book Bank Facility-each student will be provided 3/4 Books for the whole session.

    Seminars, Conferences and Extension Lectures

    Conferences and seminars are a regular feature of the institution to simulate insight, creative thinking, to develop moral calues and all round development of personality of the students. Extension lectures by eminent educationists and scholars are organized to supplement class-room teaching.

    Sports Sports

    1. Each Student is required to take part in a least one game.

    2. Inter-Section sports competitions are held.

    3. The College Teams participate in the P.U. evening and Educational college tournaments. The achievements of the college are commendable in this field

    4. College is the winner of General Championship of P.U. (Eve. & Edu. Colleges) for the last seven years and is winner of P.U. Atheletice. & Edu. Colleges) for the last seven years and is winner of P.U. Atheleticchampionship (Edu. & Evening) for the Ninth time in a row.

      College Magazine

      The college magazine “Miri-Piri” is published every year. It has 5 sections namely Punjabi Section, Hindi Section, English Section, Math/Science Section and Research Section. Student Edition are selected on the basis of their test of creative writing to be held in sept. 2008. students should give their articles to the Student Editors for publication upto 15 Feb 2009

      Computer Course

      In the modern scientific era computer is of utmost importance. Keeping this need in view, the college started computer education in 1991-92 to provide basic knowledge of computer to all students. College has full fledged computer lab with free internet (Wi-Fi) facility for all students.


      The college has girls hostels with modern facilities. For admission to the hostel, students should contact respective

      Laboratories & Rooms

      The college has excellent special Room e.g. Science Lab, Psychology lab, ET Room, Fine Arts/Demonstration room, Guidance Lab music room, assembly Hall& Student center. Each class room is fitted with OHP and Display Board The college has 50 Kva Generator set to meet the power requirements during power-cuts.llege has 50 Kva Generator set to meet the power requirements during power-cuts. College Bus is available for the students for Hostel / Bus Stand to college campus and back at very nominal charges. Special parking facility is also available for the students vehicles.

      Central Students Council

      To involve students in decision making for the better administration of student related services and activities 10 member central students council is constituted with two representatives (one male and one female) from each of the five Houses. Three staff member act as coordinators.

      Placement Cell

      The College has an active placement cell which provides unique career related counseling to the students. The unique feature of this cell is that is facilitates in campus placement of students by inciting reputed school . The school authorities conduct interview on the campus and recruit meritorious candidates. It is worth mentioning that in session 2007-08, 23 students of the college were placed in reputed public school.

      Staff Detail

      Sr. NoNameDesignationQualification
      1.Dr. Kamaljit KaurAssistant Professor(PBI)(On Leave)MA(PBI),B.Ed,UGC.NET
      2.Mrs Devinder KaurOffg. PrincipalMA(POL SC),M.Ed,UGC.NET,M.Phil
      3.Dr. Geetanjali Arora Assistant Professor(MUI)MA(MUI),M.Phil,Ph.D
      4.Mrs Narinderjeet Kaur Assistant Professor(CSC)(On Leave)M.Sc(IT),M.Phil,Ph.D
      5.Dr. Ravinder Kaur Assistant Professor(PBI)MA(PBI),Ph.D
      6.Ms Amandeep Kaur Assistant Professor(Fine Arts)MA(Fine Arts),B.Ed,UGC.NET
      7.Ms Payal Assistant Professor(HMS)M.SC(Food and Nutrition),B.Ed.UGC.NET
      8.Ms Amandeep Kaur Assistant Professor(PBI)MA(PBI),M.Phil, UGC.NET
      9.Mrs Jatinderpal Kaur Assistant Professor(PBI)MA(PBI),M.Phil, UGC.NET
      10.Dr. Radhika Assistant Professor(HIS))MA(HIS,GEO),B.Ed,M.Phil, PH.D
      11.Mr Harmeet Singh LibrarianM.Lib, UGC.NET
      12.Mr Dharm Singh Assistant Professor(HIS))M.Ped, UGC.NET
      13.Mrs Parminder Kaur Assistant Professor(PBI)MA(PBI),M.Ed
      14.Mr Jagraj Singh Tabla Inst.MA(HIS),B.Ed
      15.Ms Veerpal Kaur Assistant Professor(HIS)MA(HIS,GEO),B.Ed,M.Phil, PH.D
      16.Mr Kamalpreet Singh Assistant Professor(CSC)MCA
      17.Ms Kirandeep Assistant Professor(CSC)M.Sc(IT),MCA
      18.Ms Gurjit Kaur Assistant Professor (Phy.Edu)MA(POL SCI),M.Ped
      19.Ms Sukhdeep Kaur Assistant Professor(CSC)M.Sc(IT)
      20.Ms Manjeet Kaur Assistant Professor(Fine Arts)MA(Fine Arts ,PBI), B.Ed
      21.Mrs Mandeep Kaur Assistant Professor(CSC)BA,M.Sc(IT),MCA
      22.Mr Avninder Singh Assistant Professor(CSC)MCA
      23.Mrs Parmjit Kaur Assistant Professor(SOC)MA(SOC),B.Ed
      24.Mrs Sandeep Kaur Assistant Professor(Maths) M.Sc(MATH),B.Ed
      25.Mrs Kultar Kaur Assistant Professor(CSC)B.Tech(Comp Science)
      26.Mrs Amanpreet Kaur Assistant Professor(CSC)MCA
      27.Ms Kamlesh Kaur Dhaliwal Assistant Professor(HINDI)MA(HIN),B.Ed, UGC.NET
      28.Ms Sukhjeet Kaur Assistant Professor(HMS)M.Sc(FT) ,Diploma in Textile Designing
      29.Mrs Manveer Kaur Assistant Professor(ECO)MA(ECO),B.Ed,UGC.NET
      30.Ms Harmeet Kaur Assistant Professor(ENG)MA(POL SCI),M.Ped
      31.Ms Gurinder Kaur Assistant Professor(HIS)M.Sc(MATH),B.Ed
      32.Ms Jasvir Kaur Assistant Professor(Maths)MA(POL SCI),M.Ped
      33.Ms Jaspreet Kaur Assistant Professor(ENG)MA(ENG),B.Ed
      34.Ms Samanpreet Kaur Assistant Professor(CSC)M.Sc(IT)
      35.Ms Rani Assistant Professor (POL SCI)MA(Pol Sci),B.Ed
      36.Mrs Harpreet Kaur Assistant Professor(ENG)MA(ENG),B.Ed
      37.Ms Kanwalpreet Kaur Assistant Professor(CSC)MCA
      38.Ms Prabhjot Kaur MA(PBI)MCA
      39.Ms Gurpreet Kaur Assistant Professor(ECO)MA(ECO) B.Ed
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