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Address:- Opposite Civil Hospital, Jagraon.
Landline No. 01624-228855

The post of Additional Deputy Commissioner, Jagraon has been created to assist the Deputy Commissioner in his day-to-day working. The Additional Deputy Commissioner enjoys the same powers as that of Deputy Commissioner under the rules. Functions of Additional Deputy Commissioner With a view to lighten the enormously increasing workload of the Deputy Commissioner, the post of Additional Deputy Commissioner, Jagraon was created in the year 2014. He has been vested with the following powers under the various Acts-within the limits of the district:-

As Collector under the following Acts:-

  1. The Punjab Land Revenue Act,1887
  2. The Punjab Occupancy Of Tenants(Vesting of Proprietary Rights)Act,1952
  3. The Punjab Tenancy Act,1887
  4. The Land Acquisition Act,1894
  5. The Punjab Restitution of Mortgage Land Act,1938
  6. The Punjab Village Common Land(Regulation) Act,1961
  7. The Indian Stamp Act,1899

As Registrar under the Registration Act,1908.

As Deputy Commissioner Under the Punjab Aided School (Security of Services) Act,1969.

As Executive Magistrate , Addl. Deputy Commissioner , D.M under the Criminal Procedure Code,1973.

As Additional District Magistrate under the Arms Act of India and Petroleum Act,1934,

He has been appointed as Chairman of District Consultative Committee under Personal Accident Social Security Scheme vide Punjab Government Notification No 13/434/88-SW /9794 dated 27.9.1988.

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