Sub Division, Jagraon

Agriculture Department

Agriculture Office, Sidhwan Bet

  1. Soil Testing Scheme:-

  2. Collect samples of soil from fields and send to Jagraon lab to examine the requirements of soil. After testing, the department provides information about the usage of fertilizers, pesticides etc. On the basis of testing, soil health cards are issued.

  3. National Food Security Mission:-

  4. Subsidies are available on agricultural inputs like seed, planting material, fertilizers, bio-fertilizers, pesticides etc.

  5. RKVY :-

  6. Subsidies are also available on seeds of crops like corn, wheat, paddy , planting material, fertilizers, bio-fertilizers, pesticides etc under RKVY scheme.

  7. Seed Village Scheme :-

  8. Under this scheme, 50% subsidy is provided to farmers on seeds (Wheat and Moongi) and 3 days camps are also organised to train the farmers.

  9. ATMA Scheme :-

  10. Under this scheme, training is provided to farmer about proper production of crops, Organizes camps every month at district level and State level.

  11. Department also provides information and Subsidies on agricultural machinery like Rotavator, happy seeder, lazer leveller.

  12. Self Help Group:- In this scheme, a group of 12-15 people can start their work like pickle, chatnni and muraba, revolving fund and training is provided for all these works.

  13. The Department is implementing schemes like ISOPAM for pulses, Oilseeds and Maize.

Community Welfare

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