Sub Division, Jagraon

Animal Husbandry Department, Jagraon

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This department is providing different type of facilities to farmers through its civil veterinary hospitals and civil veterinary dispensaries .


1.To improve the genetic potential of the livestock through scientific 
2.To provide effective extension services in the field 
3.To increase milk production.
4.To provide improved feeding and management.
5.Protection of Animals from different contagious diseases 
	through vaccination.
6.To treat ill animals.
7.To organise Animal Welfare Camps at village level to improve
	the knowledge of farmers.
8.To Implement different schemes of the department for Example
	NABARD and RKVY scheme to provide loan facilities to farmers.
9.To  prepare the farmers for participating their animals in the
	animal fairs organised at district and state level.

The head of the department in Tehsil is known as Senior Veterinary Officer who governs all Civil Veterinary Hospitals and Civil Veterinary Dispensaries in the Tehsil .He sits in Civil Veterinary Hospitals Jagraon which is The main hospital of the Tehsil also

This Tehsil is divided into two blocks

  1. Jagraon block which carries 10 Civil Veterinary Hospitals and 22 Civil Veterinary Dispensaries
  2. Sidhwan bet block which carries 8 Civil Veterinary Hospitals and 11 Civil Veterinary Dispensaries

Each Civil Veterinary Hospitals is headed by a Veterinary Officer who is incharge of Civil Veterinary Hospital and having one Veterinary Inspector , and one Class 4 employee. Each Civil Veterinary Dispensary is headed by Veterinary Inspector who is incharge of the Civil Veterinary Dispensary and have one class 4 employee . Each Dispensary is connected to the nearby Civil Veterinary Hospital so that the farmers could be provided better services.

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