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The Drainage Department administration has created infrastructure of about 35 Kms in Sutlej and 134 Kms in drains in jagraon jurisdiction along flood protection embankment no. 26.The area falling in the jurisdiction of Jagraon comprises the drainage division area of Sutlejbandh of RD 52500 to 60000/4L and RD 0 to 90000/S-L and drains are Sidhwan Bet Drain ,Malak drain , Moga Drain , Jassowal Drain And Budha Nallah.The drainage department is accountable for management drainage of rain water to save agricultural land from the fury of flood and to check the water logging in water logged areas and also protect the SutlejBandhs from breaches in flood season .The department also sees to desilting of drains and cleaning of weed jalah , butti from the drains.

The drains department protect the Sutlejbandh and expenditure incurred for this from year 2010 to 2016 amounted to ruppes 10.80 crores whreas desilting and cleaning process had cost ruppes Rs. 2.60 crores.This was completed through MGNREGA labor .

Recently Completed Projects

Mannewal Complex(River Satluj)

Protecting soil erosion by providing revetment and sand filled EC bags in RD 60100-62000/4-L bandh along river Sutlej.


  1. Clearing of weed jallah ,butti etc. from Moga Drain

  2. Clearing of weed jallah ,butti etc. from Malak Drain

  3. Clearing of weed jallah ,butti etc. from Swaddi Drain

  4. Clearing of weed jallah ,butti etc. from JAssowal Drain

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