Sub Division, Jagraon

Swami Shri Roop Chand Ji Maharaj

Shri Roop Chand S.S. Jain Bradari (Regd.) Jagraon, Distt. Ludhiana, Punjab

“Shri Roop Gurve Namah”

Glimpses of Life

Swami Roop Chand Jain ji Maharaj was a renowed Jain Saint and Ascetic. He is said to have performed austerities in various parts of Punjab especially in Jagraon where he atained final Nirwana(Salvation).

  • Birth : Samvat 1868, Maagh Month Dashmi of Krishan Paksh, Thursday, 09.01.1812

  • Birth Place: Ludhiana (Punjab)

  • Father’s Name : Lala Amolak Rai Ji

  • Mother’s Name : Smt. Mangla Devi

  • Growing Up : Malerkotra (Punjab)

  • Prophecy : Boy Would be Lustrous, Benefactor, Ascetic

  • Pledge : To Follow Celibacy (Brahmacharya) Throughout life.

  • Initiation (Diksha) : Samvat 1898, Phalgun Shukal Ekadashi March 1838.

  • Initiation Place : Baroda

  • Initiation Guru : Shri Nand Lal Ji Maharaj

  • Qualities : Great Ascetic, Spartan Visionary,, Humble Demure, Eminent Preacher, Social Reformer, Ideal Jain, Monk.

  • Chaturmaas : 42

  • Chaturmaas : at Jagraon : 10

  • March to Heaven : Great personality departed for heaven on Samvat 1937, 2a.m. at Jagraon. Thursday, 20.06.1880

  • Life Period : 69 Years, 4 Months and 2 Days.

About Shri Roop chand Ji Maharaj’s Smadhi Sathal

Shri Roop chand Ji Maharaj’s Smadhi Sathal is located in the city Jagraon at Tehsil road near Tehsil Complex, Jagraon and “Swarg Ashram” at Dalla Road, Jagraon.

With the blessing of Shri Roop Chand Ji Maharaj, a society named Shri Roop Chand S.S. Jain Bradari (Regd.) Jagraon has been able to serve the area of Jagraon with two Schools and one Multispecialty Hospital. One school is named Roop Vatika affiliated to C.B.S.E. and other school is named Swami Roop Chand Jain Sr. Sec. Public School affiliated to P.S.E.B. and have been imparting education for the last 30 years and Shri Roop Chand Jain Charitable Hospital has been working for the last 3 yrs. In the hospital we have Eye, Medicine, Ortho, ENT, Pediatrics, Physiotherapy, Dental, Homoeopathy, Dietetics, Laboratory, X-Rays, Optical and Pharmacy department to serve all area of Jagraon. After the name of Shri Roop Chand Ji Maharaj the society has also constructed a bird’s hospital at the back side of Samadhi Sathal.

On the day of Sakranti Shri Roop Chand S.S. Jain Bradari (Regd.) Jagraon, distributes “rashan” to around 125 needy families every month from year 2006. On this day a “Langer” is also onganised for all persons on Samadhi Sathal. We bow our heads with reverence before the Great Saint, Swami Roop Chand Ji Maharaj.

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