Sub Division, Jagraon


Address:- Dana Mandi, Landline No. 01625240249br> E-Mail:-

Mandi Board , Jagraon Works Gallary

Market Commitee Jagraon Detail
1. Year of Establishment 1962
2. Main Mandi Area 78 acre
3. Purchase Center 1 Main Center + 15 purchase center
4. Vollage come under notified area 59 Village
5. Section 10 licences 570
6. Section 13 licences 639
7. Section 10 licences 570
8. Facilities under RTS
  • Thresher haadsha case(solve within three month

  • 2.J form delivery(within 3 day)

9.Other Facilities 1. Seasonal arrangment in Mandi
  • Fruit and Vegetable Market

  • Fire and Timber Market

  • Cleaniiness of Mandi before season start

  • Arrangement of Drinking Water

  • Temporary urinal arrangement

  • Proper lighting arrangement

  • Proper shelter arrangement

1. Providing facility of fadh for Market yard.

2. Providing facility of water, electricity, toilets, shelters etc for farmers.

3. Providing financial help to Thresher Accidents Victims.

4. Making insurance cards of farmers who sell their crops under Bhagat Pooran Singh Sehat Yojana.

5. Providing facility of new link roads to farmers for transportation.

Community Welfare

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