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The Police District Jagraon came into existence vide Govt. of Punjab Deptt. of Home Affairs and Justice (Home-I Branch) notification No. 4/3/92-2H (I) Spl./557 Dated 29-01-92 received through DGP Punjab, Chandigarh's office Endst. No. 656-96/B-2 dated 29-1-1992 due to increase terrorists activities in the region and people were feeling terrorism in their mind. The State Govt. to remove the fear of terrorism from their minds and further to increase the confidence of general public and to check the activities of terrorists, Police District. Jagraon was created, so that the developments policies of State Govt. could be implemented in good manners. Latter on the State Government vide Notification No. 4/5/2007-2H1/686 dated 17-4-07,received through the Director General of Police, Punjab, Chandigarh vide his office Endst. No. 18492-593/Con. SA-I(1) dated 20-4-2007 re-organized the area of Distt. Ludhiana and formed a new Police District named Ludhiana (Rural) having 274 villages, population of about 14,25,000 (approximately) & an area of about 1500 sqr. KMs. It touches the boundaries of distts. Ludhiana (City), Jalandhar, Moga, Sangrur and Barnala.

Two important highways i.e. Ludhiana-Ferozepur (National Highway) and Ludhiana-Barnala (State Highway)and two railway tracks i.e. Ludhiana-Ferozepur(Baddowal to Nanaksar) approximately 50Kms. & Ludhiana-Dhuri railway track and approximately 02Kms of area of Ludhiana-Dhuri rail section in village Ghugrana of PS Jodhan fall within the jurisdiction of this district. The Sutlej river touches the boundary of this district from north side flowing from east to west along side the area of distt. Ludhiana (Rural). The annual Chhapar Mela is held in the area of this Police District, where large number of people gather for religious ceremonies and political conferences of all the main political parties active in the state. Mostly the people of distt. Ludhiana (Rural) depend upon agriculture as well as small dairy and poultry farms for their livelyhood. However, literacy rate of the district is quite high and a large number of NRIs, transporters and service personnel of different military and para military organizations of the country hails from this area.

Jagraon and Raikot are the two sub-divisional towns located with in the area of to Police ditrict Ludhiana(Rural) and Sidhwan Bet, Bhundri, Sudhar, Jodhan and Mullanpur Dakha etc. are some after important towns falling with in the jurisdictional limits this police district. Air Force Station at Halwara and the Army and ITBP units in village Baddowal are also situated in the area of this district. Historic villages like Sarabha and Gujjarwal are a part of this district and important religious places like Nanaksar and Mehandiana Sahib are situated within the area of this district. PS City Raikot, Hathur, NRI & PS Women have been came into existence vide Govt. of PB Department Home Affairs & Justice (Home-I Branch)Notification No. S.O.25/CA-2/1974/S-2012 dated 30-4-2012.Distt. Ludhiana (Rural)has seven Police Stations and three permanent Police Posts, besides 08 temporary Police Posts as per detail given below:-

Sr.NoName of Police StationName of Temprary Police PostSupervisory Officers
1.PS City Jagraon
  1. PP Bus Stand

  2. PP PCR

DSP Jagraon
2.PS Sadar Jagraon
  1. PP Kaunke Kalan

  2. PP Galib Kalan

  3. PP Giddarwindi

3.PS Hathur
4.PS Sidhwan Bet
  1. PP Bhundri

Responsibilities of Officers :

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP)

  1. Maintenance of law and order in the district.

  2. General supervision of crime in the entire district

  3. Supervision of investigation of important cases

  4. Disposal of applications for conditional release of prisoner and paroles/foreigners cases

  5. Approval for sending personnel outside the district on transfer, deputation, temporary attachment etc.

  6. Disposal of applications for licenses under different acts

  7. Sanction/approval of rewards and commendation certificate class-III

  8. Casual leave to GOs and SHOs and earned leave to NGOs and ORs

  9. Enlistment of constables and SPOs

  10. Passing of final orders on the deptl. enquires

  11. Recommendation of cases for ex-India leave

  12. Approval for provision of Gunman to officers/private persons

  13. Matters which concern sanction to expenditure for allocation of funds except overview delegated

  14. Posting and transfers of SHOs, NGOs, Any additional post for extra hand in the office. Police lines where more than

  15. sanctioned staff is to be deployed will be approved by the undersigned

Superintendent of Police - Head Quarters (SP-HQ)

  1. Overall incharge of security & confidential branch & computer cell in DPO

  2. All important correspondence of the English & account/security branch

  3. Expeditious disposal of complaints received from higher authorities

  4. To ensure maintenance of record in the SSP office

  5. Casual leave to the ORs and ASIs posted under his charge

  6. Incharge of all indoor classes of courses running in the Police lines

  7. Co-ordinate the VIP security in the jurisdiction of DSPs sub division

  8. Sanctioning of annual increment and house rent allowance to ORs and NGOs

  9. Supervision of day to day operations in earmarked area.

  10. Holding of Department Enquiries against NGOs/ORs entrusted to him by SSP

  11. Submission of proposals for improvement of effectiveness efficiency in Police organizations and procedures

  12. Passing of orders reg. issue of uniform articles to NGOs

  13. Inspection of PS marked to him by SSP

  14. Sanction of re-imbursement of medical expenses and TA claims to ORs

  15. Computerization of all offices and Police lines records

  16. Supervision of Community Policing Resource Centre (CPRC)

  17. Any other work assigned by the SSP

Superintendent of Police - Detective (SP-D)

  1. Overall incharge of Detective and investigation department

  2. Investigation and supervision of all cases involving crime against persons and property.

  3. Conducting enquiry in important cases/complaints marked by SSP

  4. Holding of Department Enquiries against NGOs/ORs entrusted to him by SSP

  5. SP deals with the supervision of the following Branches:

  6. Criminal Investigation Agency (C.I.A.) :- This agency is housed near Sadar Police Station, Mansa. The main function of this specialized wing is to detect & workout heinous crimes. This is the main detective unit of the district police.

  7. Crime Record Office (C.R.O) branch : - This branch holds the full record of crime and criminals. The incharge officer is Head Constable of Police.

  8. Finger prints branch: - This branch helps in case of murder, a theft etc. with the finger prints from the spot. The incharge officer is Sub-Inspector of Police.

  9. Muharar Mall Khana (Case property Store) :- The incharge officer is Head Constable of Police. This branch maintains the record of properties recovered during the course of investigation and submitted for trial. The case property of each case is

  10. produced before the court for evidence purpose during the trial.

  11. Photography branch : - This branch helps in the investigation of cases of crime against person and property. Photographer of this branch takes photograph of scene of crime and criminals which helps to prove the facts of the case

Deputy Superintendent of Police - Sub Division (DSP-SD)

  1. Supervisory charge of all Police Stations and Police Posts of sub-division

  2. Maintenance of law and order in the sub-division

  3. Conducting enquiry in important cases/complaints marked by SSP

  4. Holding of Department Enquiries against NGOs/ORs entrusted to him by SSP

  5. Inspection of PS marked to him by SSP

  6. Casual leave to the ORs and ASIs posted under his charge

  7. Quarterly checking of licensed premises in his jurisdiction

Deputy Superintendent of Police - Special Branch (Proposed for creating this post).

  1. To supervise the security arrangements, character verifications, etc

  2. Early disposal of passport enquires

  3. To collect intelligence reg. extremists & other bad elements, political parties, unions, etc

  4. Casual leave to the ORs and ASIs posted under his charge

  5. Holding of Department Enquiries against NGOs/ORs entrusted to him by SSP

  6. Incharge of Community Policing Resource Centre (CPRC)

OFFENCES AND PENALTIES pertaining to Traffic Rules Violation

The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 (MVA), Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989 (CMV), Chandigarh Motor Vehicles Rules and the Rules of Road Regulations, 1989 (RRR) are the legal instruments for the conduct of road traffic in India.

Community Welfare

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