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SDM Office, Jagraon

Address:- Tehsil Complex, Opposite Bus Stand, Jagraon.
Landline No. 01624-223256

Sub Divisional Magistrate, Jagraon.

The duties of the Sub Divisional Magistrate, Jagraon within this Sub Division are almost similar to those of the Deputy Commissioner within the district. In all matters of administration, he has to be the Deputy Commissioner's principal agent.

SDM is also incharge of various development activities going on in the Sub Division and is also responsible for co-ordinating the work of various departments. For that he has to tour the area to keep a watch on the development activities, the revenue administration as also the law & order situation in the Sub Division. Besides this the SDM has to look after the grievances of the public and to attend to the problems arising out of the natural calamities. The SDM also supervises the work of revenue agency in the Sub Division.

There is no denying the fact that the job of a Sub Divisonal Magistrate is independent in character to some extent. He is primarily responsible for everything that happens within his jurisdiction and must accordingly take his decisions to a large extent, independently.

Sub Divisional Magistrate is conferred with various powers under the land revenue and tenancy acts.

SDM also acts as Assistant Collector under the Punjab Land Revenue Act and Punjab Tenancy Act. He is also the appellate authority in cases decided by his subordinate revenue officers.

The Executive Magistrate placed by the State Government as incharge of the Sub Division is termed as the Sub Divisional Magistrate Under section 20(4) Cr.p.c.and under section 23 Cr.P.C. the Sub divisional Officer like other Executive Magistrates of the District is subordinate to the District Magistrate and is responsible for the maintenance of law and order within the limits of his local jurisdiction. He enjoys very wide powers under section 107/151,109,110,133,144,and 145 Cr.P.C. etc. He also hears court cases under these sections.

List of Sub Divisional Magistrates, Jagraon

Sr.Officer NameCadreFromTo
1Sh.Amrik Singh PCS 04-12-1961 09-03-1963
2 Sh.Barjinder Singh PCS 09-04-1963 11-06-1965
3 Sh. Inder Singh RaikhyPCS 11-06-196531-10-1966
4 Sh.Hardyal Singh PCS 09-11-1966 19-07-1967
5 Sh.Santokh Singh PCS 20-07-1967 31-10-1967
6 Sh.Barjinder Singh PCS 20-11-1967 10-11-1968
7 Sh.M.L.Trighatia PCS 11-11-1968 18-11-1968
8 Sh.R.D.Gupta PCS 19-11-1968 15-05-1969
9 Sh.Barjinder Singh PCS 03-06-1969 01-02-1971
10Sh.G.S.Brar PCS 02-02-1971 03-06-1972
11Sh.Inder Singh RaikhyPCS 05-06-1972 26-10-1973
12Sh.Randhir Singh PCS 20-11-1973 14-05-1976
13Sh. R.L.Sharma PCS 15-05-1976 16-08-1977
14Sh.Jatinder Singh PCS 18-08-1977 17-09-1980
15Sh. Bikram Singh PCS 18-09-1980 05-01-1984
16Sh. Gian Singh SandhuPCS 12-01-1984 01-08-1985
17Sh.Navreet Singh Kang IAS 20-08-1985 30-03-1986
18Sh.Darshan Singh Sandhu PCS 30-03-1986 24-02-1988
19Sh.Jwahar Lal Malhotra PCS 24-02-1988 06-06-1988
20Sh. J.S.Sodhi PCS 10-06-1988 11-12-1990
21 Sh.Iqbal Singh Sidhu PCS 11-12-1990 02-05-1992
22Sh.Jagtar Singh Mahi PCS 27-05-1992 30-04-1995
23Sh.Narinder Singh Batth PCS 17-10-1995 20-06-1997
24Sh. Gurloveleen Singh Sidhu PCS 20-06-1997 22-05-2000
25Sh.Jaspal Mittal PCS 22-05-2000 15-04-2002
26Sh.Gurmit Singh PCS 15-04-2002 23-03-2005
27Sh.Sukhwinder Singh Gill PCS 24-03-2005 12-10-2006
28Sh.Gurpreet Singh Khaira PCS 13-10-2006 05-04-2007
29Sh. Gurloveleen Singh Sidhu PCS 12-04-2007 02-02-2009
30Sh.Mukand Singh Sandhu PCS 19-02-2009 11-07-2011
31Smt. Isha IAS 07-09-2011 30-04-2012
32Sh.Gurmit Singh PCS 30-04-2012 30-08-2013
33Ms.Apneet Riyait IAS 30-08-2013 12-01-2015
34Sh.Avikesh Gupta PCS 14-01-2015 27-01-2015
35Sh.Rakesh Kumar Popli PCS 27-01-2015 25-10-2015
36Ms. Shena Aggarwal IAS 26-10-2015 05-11-2015
37Sh. Kulpreet Singh PCS 06-11-2015 ------
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