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Tehsildar, Jagraon

Tehsildar, Jagraon is appointed by the Financial Commissioner, Revenue and in the revenue work Tehsildar, Jagraon is assisted by Naib Tehsildar, Jagraon & Naib Tehsildar Sidhwan Bet. His duties within Tehsil are manifold. He enjoys the powers of Executive Magistrate, Assistant Collector and Sub Registrar. He is the Incharge of tehsil Revenue Agency and is responsible for proper preparation and maintenance of tehsil Revenue Record and Revenue Accounts. He is also responsible for recovery of government dues under the various Acts. He is supposed to have proper control over the working of Patwaris and Kanungos and for this purpose the Tehsildar and Naib Tehsildars make inspection of patwaris and kanungos working under them. Tehsildar and Naib Tehsildars in fact are called Revenue Officers holding separate circles and it is provided in para 242 of Land Administration Manual that such allotted circle should be changed every year on October first, so that the responsibility of the Tehsildar for the whole of his charge may not be impaired. In Tehsil and Sub Tehsil, as and when Treasury Officers are not posted, then the tehsildar and Naib Tehsildar works as Treasury Officer in addition to their own duties. Tehsildar also registers the marriages solemnized. Tehsildar is further empowered to hear partition cases and to make allotment/transfer and auction of evacuee properties, land under the Displaced Person (Compensation & Rehabilitation) Act,1954 and Punjab Package Deal properties (Disposal Act 1976) as Managing Officer and Tehsildar Sales respectively .

The revenue work of Tehsil Jagraon is divided into ten kanungo circles named as JAGRAON, MANUKE, KAONKE, AKHARA, MALAK, SWADI, PABBIAN, SIDHWAN BET, BHUNDRI and LODHIWAL. Out of these ten kanungo circles, the revenue work of MALAK, SWADI and PABBIAN is taken care of by Tehsildar, Jagraon and the revenue work of JAGRAON, MANUKE, KAONKE and AKHARA is under the control of Naib Tehsildar, Jagraon. In the same way, Naib Tehsildar, Sidhwan Bet is responsible for the revenue work of kanungo circles of SIDHWAN BET, BHUNDRI and LODHIWAL.

List of Ten Kanungo Circles of Jagraon Tehsil alongwith Patwar Circles is as under


  • Agwar Gujjran
  • City Jagraon
  • Shekh daulat
  • Sherpur Khurd
  • Galib Kalan
  • Galib Khurd
  • Agwarh Khuwaja Baju
  • Amargarh Kaler
  • Agwarh Lopon Kalan
  • Agwarh Lopon Khurd
  • Fatehgarh Sivian
  • Galib Ran singh


  • Lakha
  • Manuke
  • Chakkar
  • Hathur
  • Burj kulara


  • Kaonke Kalan
  • Patti Sham Singh
  • Dangian
  • Khosa
  • Rasulpur
  • Malla
  • Agwarh Rahlan
  • Agwarh Dala


  • Akhara
  • Dalla
  • Bhamipura
  • Randhirgarh
  • Lamma
  • Kamalpura
  • Cheema
  • Basuwal
  • Agwarh Ladhai
  • Beerh Akhara
  • Dehrka


  • Malak
  • LeeLan
  • Sangatpura
  • Rasulpur
  • Barsal
  • Bujrag
  • Ramgarh
  • Swadi Khurd
  • Tappar Harnian
  • Chimna
  • Bodalwala
  • Pona
  • Aligarh
  • Sidhwan Kalan
  • Sidhwan Khurd
  • Gagra
  • Mirpur
  • Bardeke
  • Sherpur Kalan


  • Swadi Khas
  • Thotharh
  • Bassian Bet
  • Talwandi Kalan
  • Talwandi Khurd
  • Majri
  • Virk
  • Gureh
  • Shekhupura
  • Mann


  • Pabbian
  • Sohian
  • Agwarh Pona
  • Beerh Gagra
  • Dholan
  • Chachrarhi
  • Hans
  • Sujapur
  • Boparai Kalan
  • Kular
  • Jassowal
  • Roomi
  • Chhajawal


  • Sidhwan Bet
  • Khurshaidpura
  • Hujra
  • Bhaini Gujran
  • Slempura
  • Sadrpura
  • Bangsipura
  • Jandi
  • Malshian Bhai ke
  • Rauwal
  • Bhumal
  • Kiri
  • Talwara
  • Gag Kalan
  • Akuwal
  • Ghunewal
  • Gorsian Kadar Baksh
  • Gorsian Khan Mohhamad
  • Bhaini Araian
  • Mudarpura
  • Shekh Kuthab


  • Bhundri
  • Gorahoor
  • Leehan
  • Walipur Kalan
  • Bhatha Dhua
  • Baniawal
  • Ghamnewal
  • Ranke
  • Walipur Khurd
  • Maniawal
  • Purain
  • Aliwal
  • Kotli
  • Talwandi Noabad
  • Bharowal Kalan
  • Kotmana
  • Kot Umra
  • Khudai Chak
  • Bharowal Khurd
  • Gorsian Makhan


  • Lodhiwal
  • Malsiha bajan
  • Gidarwindi
  • Abupura
  • Safipura
  • Parjia Biharipur
  • Madhepur
  • Kania Hussaini
  • Sodhiwal
  • Janetpura
  • Kakar
  • Baghian
  • Bahader ke
  • Hiatewal
  • Patti Multani
  • Mand Tihara
  • Sherewal
  • Sehbajpura
  • Manabarpura
  • Taraf Kotli
  • Katwal
  • Angran


The Kanungo establishment at the level of Sub Division, Jagraon consists of ten field kanungos and one office kanungo. The field Kanungo should be constantly moving about his circle supervising the work of patwari on the spot, except in the month of September when he stays at the tehsil to check the Jamabandis received from the patwaris. He also disposes of the demarcation applications marked to him by the Circle Revenue Officer. A field Kanungo is also responsible for the conduct and the work of the patwari under his charge and it is his duty to report the work or neglect of duty or misconduct on the part of any patwari. The office Kanungo is the Tehsildar's Revenue clerk and he is the custodian of all the record received from the patwari. He is the keeper of all record received from kanungo and patwari at tehsil office.


Patwari is an important and effective official of the lowest ebb in the Revenue Agency. No efficient Revenue Administration of a Sub Division is possible unless the patwari staff is strong, properly trained and strictly supervised. A Patwari has three chief duties:- The maintenance of record of the crop grown at every harvest, the keeping of the record of rights uptodate by the punctual record of mutations and the account of preparation of statistical returns embodying the information derived from the harvest inspections, register of mutation and record of rights. The limits of "Patwar Circle" is a matter for the Commissioner to decide under para 238 of Land Administration Manual. It is the responsibility of Patwari to report at once all serious calamities affecting the land or the crops and all severe outbreaks of diseases amongst men and beasts. He keeps up a diary and a work book. The entries should be made on the day on which the events come to the notice of the patwari. The Patwari is responsible for the safe custody of all the records, maps and equipments of his circle that are in his charge. In the work book the Patwari will enter the work done by him on each day. His work is supervised by the Field Kanungo, Circle Revenue Officer and Sub Divisional Magistrate.

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