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Co-operative Department,Punjab came into existence in Lahore in the year 1919, After being transferred from Lahore in the year 1947, its main office was set up at Jalandhar & in 7 April 1965 this main office of Jalandhar was shifted to Chandigarh , At present Co-operative Department, Punjab main office is situated at Sector-17 , in Bays Building. In this office of the Registrar, Co-operative Society , Punjab Sr. I.A.S. Officer looks after the Co-operative Department of Punjab. Assistant Registrar, Co-operative Societies Jagraon office came into existence on 09.11.1961, Currently this office is housed in Vikas Bhawan ,New Dana Mandi , Sherpur Road, Jagraon

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Field Works:-

Under the Circle of Assistant Register, Co-operative Societies,Jagraon as many as of 224 Co-operative societies have been working. As per Punjab Co-operative Societies Act-1961 and Punjab Co-operative Societies Rules-1963 and the work of Co-operative societies is as under:-

  1. Co-operative Agriculture Multiple-purpose Societies:-

    There are 64 Co-operative Agriculture Societies working work under in the Circle of Assistant Registrar, Co-operative Society, Jagraon. These societies conduct work business in rural area making the farmer member of society and provided them loan based on the value of their land. As per the instructions the loan is available for purchase of Urea fertilizer, D.A.P fertilizer, Pesticides, Necessary things, personal loan for member in minimum rates. This crops loan to provide the farmers is obtained from Punjab State Co-operative Bank Limited, Chandigarh. The District District Central arranges loan through its branches to the societies. In this sub Division there are 10 Central Co-operative Bank Branches, Through them loan is given to Agriculture Co-operative Society & the society gives loan to their members at the rate of 7%. There is B.Comp+ A.Comp in this loan, The members who return their loan in time, are entitled to a rebate of 3%. Under these 64 societies there are 39 Agro Service Center whose purpose is to give their members Agriculture tools, i.e Tractor, Lazer, Roota bitter, Trolly, Iron Plates & Deep Tools on rent which is of great benefit to the farmers. The Co-operative Agriculture Multipurpose Society Limited, Leelan, Boparai Kalan, Roomi & Barsal Societies under Punjab Government Scheme have constructed Consumer Diesel Pump that arranges the pure Diesel to his members at minimum rates.

  2. Co-operative Milk Producerís Societies:-

    Under Circle Assistant Register, Co-operative Society Jagraon there are 110 Co-operative Milk production Societies. These societies purchase milk from their members and supply it to Milk Plant, Ludhiana, for the great financial benefit of its members.

  3. Co-operative House Building Societies.

    Under the Circle of Assistant Register, Co-operative Societies, Jagraon, there is Co-operative House construction Society that works and arranges the loan to members at minimum rates.

  4. Co-operative Labour & construction societies:-

    Under Circle of Assistant Register, Co-operative Societies, Jagraon 5 Co-operative Labour & construction Society also works. These societies take work through tenders and give them to the workers to the maximum of benefit of workers.

  5. Co-operative Markeeting-cum-Processing Society:-

    Under the circle of Assistant Register, Co-operative Society Jagraon one Co-operative Markeeting-cum-Processing Society has been working. This society arranges the necessary goods for Co-operative Agriculture Society & workes as Temporary commission agent. Farmers have obtained a financial assistance from this society. This society has a profit of Rs.2,72,00,00/- crore as per 31.03.2016 audit.
  6. P.A.D.B Bank Jagraon:-

    Under the circle of Assistant Registrar, Co-operative Societies, Jagraon one Primary Co-operative Agriculture Development Bank Limited Jagraon works. This bank arranges all types of loan against the land of members/by mortgaging the property & gives personal loan to Government Employees.

  7. Markfed

    Under the circle of Assistant Registrar, Co-operative Society Jagraon a Marrked Branch is also working. From this office through Co-operative Agriculture Multipurpose Society as per demand of the members indent fertilizer & Medicines has been prepared. As per demand of societies indent is sent & Markfed according to demand of this circle supplies 65% Fertilizer. For this the farmers obtain good quality of Fertilizer.

  8. IFFCO:-

    Under Assistant Registrar, Co-operative Society Jagraon an IFFCO Branch also works. From this office through Co-operative Agriculture Multipurpose Society as per demand of the members indent of fertilizer has been prepared, According to as per demand of societies indate has been sent & IFFCO according to demand of this circle supply 35% Fertilizer from total indate. The farmers obtain good type of fertilizer.

In addition to the above schemes which are running from Cooperative Department from time to time there are several others mentioned below:-

  1. Mai Bhago Women Shaktikaran/ self Help Group Scheme:-

    The female works who under The Co-operative Agriculture Multipurpose Societies have been made a member under Mai Bhago women Shaktikaran & Self Help Group. These Female members are given the loan of upto Rs. 50,000/- at the rate of 8.75% for own work The female members who need some training are given by organizing special camps.

  2. Bhai Ghanayia Health Sewa Scheme:

    Under Co-operative Department Co-operative societies provide health insurance facility to its members under Bhai Ghanayia Health Sewa Scheme. This scheme is available for those members who are less than 75 years. This Insurance has been made for one year. The Guide Book & List of Network Hospital has been issued to members facility, in which are mentioned hospitals where treatment can be availed. Under this scheme every member obtains the benefit of maximum of Rs. 1,50,000/-.

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